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Best and Popular Android Games 2014

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Best and Popular Android Games – Many people who like to be the game, because games are now not just a form of entertainment for an Android smartphone, but can also be used as a vehicle to benchmark the capability of the hardware gadgets ours. Below is list Best Free Best and Popular Android Games 2014 on Google Play Store that you can pet And digadget collection

Best And Top Games :

1. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

 FIFA 15 Ultimate TeamLatest game FIFA 15, now you can play in your Android smartphone, the most popular sports games by most people here gives a lot of foreign football clubs diantarnya elite team of Premier League, Italian League, Bundes Liga up team from the MLS (Major League Soccer) . Come immediately download the application FIFA 15 is in the Play Store. For Free.

2. Dead Trigger

 Dead TriggerWho likes to play PlayStation certainly no stranger to this game Dead Trigger, this game there are two versions of the first Dead Trigger and Trigger Dead 2, and now duluncurkan free version on Google Play. Dead Trigger is a game that has the best graphics in the gaming world.
Clash Of Clans Andorid
3. Clash Of Clans

The latest android games this one managed meeraih tremendous attention from the mobile gamers. Titled Clash Of Clans, this game requires the player to be able to maintain its power from enemy territory. But it’s not as easy as here the players are required to design a strategy right
Avenger Initiative4. Avenger Initiative
This game is a game Avenger Initiative which in terms of its gameplay is similar to the infinity blade. Players in the form of figures – figures in Avenger example Hulk. Game is a fighting game that is very fun to play. However, not all types of Android Smartphone can play this game. Download and try it on your Android!
Get Rich5. Get Rich

Game Get Rich is a newcomer also for the mobile gamers with Android plat form. If you still remember the childhood game of Monopoly, the game seems to adopt a get rich is the game of the manual becomes mobile. In this game you can also collect the areas supplied by walking according to the flow of the dice

These are just a of the best Android games collection, Rated and Internet is available in Google Play, may be a reference for you who like the games.