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How to Customize ZenUI on your Asus Zenfone


Review ZenUI on Asus Zenfone 4 5 6 - ZenUI is system interface provided by Smartphone Zenfone. In recent times, the Asus has launched some new product at the same time that Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, and 6 Zenfone. Zenfone output is equipped with features that any ZenUI on interfaces that it provides to the user. ZenUI specially designed so that every gesture - a gesture that is given to be more efficient with the icon - the icon that is more modern and colorfull. ZenUI also brings animation and new ringtone for devices Zenfone

Display ZenUI

Display ZenUI


The difference in appearance ZenUI with other Android interface located on the homescreen, ScreenLock, and CommonUI. In ZenUI, the third point is designed to be more fashionable and practical combined.
  1. Homescreen :
    Homescreen on this ZenUI designed to be more fresh and simple. Thus you can be easier to switch the existing wallpaper or widget to your taste.
  2.  Lockscreen :
    Lockscreen is display screen that appears when the device is in the locked position. In ZenUI, equipped with 3 new look that is new Widget Weather Time, What's next widgets, shortcuts Personalized App. For the Weather Widget you will be able to determine where your location using GPS. While What's next is widget that can provide future weather predictions. And Personaized App is a widget that can enable you to access the application - the application without having to go to the main menu as shortcut if the computer.
  3. CommonUI :
    ZenUI CommonUI existing in its use almost the same to that of the other android interface. ZenUI also provides a variety of features - such as additional features in CommonUi hidden Action bar / transparent, Edge-to-edge design, tabs and buttons oval, drawer Navigation UI and much more.
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Features on ZenUI

Many of the features offered by Interface ZenUI, this time we discussed five features that may be frequently used is a primary feature ZenUI.
  1. What’s Next
    What’s Next Asus Zenfone


    The main feature ZenUI, as the manager of your daily schedule so that we can see and manage information from different applications (eg calendar and weather). Automatically Features What's Next will display a countdown to birthdays, reminders of meetings / appointments and weather forecasts.
  2. Do it Later
    Do it Later Asus Zenfone
    Functions Do It Later also one of the reminder function on ZenUI but this feature is more suitable to be like your personal secretary. Because this function can alert you if maybe you're eating and you are also required to receive telvon from partners, this feature will remind you to re menelvon your partner, as well as also on text messages and E-Mail. This application can also automatically categorize the task - your task in the Read Later, Call Later, Reply Later, Edit Later, Check Rates or Pure task so it will be easier for you to find a schedule without having to know everything


  3.  Share Link
    Share Link Zenfone Ui
    This feature makes it easy for you to share content offline, but instead you can directly use the Wi-Fi Direct to share data such as photos, videos, music, applications. But unfortunately it can only do in sesame Zenfone devices only.
  4. Easy Mode
    Easy Mode Asus Zenfone
    Easy Mode seems diperuntunkan special functions for users who do not Zenfone in the young. Due to this function, the icon - the icon on ZenUI will look bigger so was also the letters. To activate this function can be accessed via settings> Easy Mode> On.
  5. Bordless Action Bar
    Bordless Action Bar Asus

    To maximize use ZenFone screen, ASUS implement action bar without borders (borderless) for the application itself (eg, File Manager, Calendar, Gallery) to give a clear view and comfortable interaction. Look at the screenshot below, there is no dividing line between bar systems and applications used.


Reviews on just a few of the features ZenUI, and many other interesting features that can be found in Zenfone. Hope it is useful

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