HP Sprout , Cool and High Tech Desktop PCs That Deliver New Experiences in Using Computer

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A high tech computer from Hewlett - Packard ( HP ) has just been introduced to the public . The desktop computer is not using the physical keyboard as well as other computers . But the  HP Sprout fully utilize highly interactive touch technology .

The device is equipped with a computer projector located at the top of the monitor . Meanwhile, instead of the keyboard , there is a large super-sensitive touchpad that allows computer users do interesting interactions . This device also provides a quick way when we want to perform document scanning . You can see that in the video below.

And do not worry , this computer is not for prototype, its for sale . This device has now even begun offered by the American company , with a starting price of 1899 USD  . With that much money , you will get a computer with a 23 -inch full HD display , an Intel Core i7-4790S with Intel HD Graphics 4600 and GeForce GT745A , 8GB RAM , 1TB SATA drives and SSD 6GB .

The existence of this computer was actually provide a different way of using a desktop PC . And with these devices , of course, HP Company hopes to increase sales of desktop PCs these days is declining in popularity, lose with mobile devices such as tablets .

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