Rumored iPad Pro Will Sport A Stylus, A Revamped Keyboard And Force Touch
Rumored iPad Pro Will Sport A Stylus, A Revamped Keyboard And Force Touch

Rumored iPad Pro Will Sport A Stylus, A Revamped Keyboard And Force Touch

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The tech industry is abuzz for Apple's upcoming Sept. 9 event when the company is expected to showcase a number of new products, including a new 12.9-inch tablet dubbed the iPad Pro.

Apple revolutionized the tablet industry with the launch of its first-generation 9.7-inch iPad in April 2010. In October, 2012, Apple introduced a new tablet called the iPad mini, which had a screen size of 7.9-inch. Now rumors claim that Apple will launch a 12.9-inch tablet this year.

9to5Mac cites sources and reports that the display of the upcoming iPad Pro will have a 2,732 x 2,048 pixels resolution. The iPad Pro will borrow design aspects from the iPad Air and it will have very thin bezels. The 9to5Mac source says that the iPad Pro will "literally looks like a big iPad."

The upcoming 12.9-inch Apple tablet will have aluminum shell similar to that found on other iPads. The iPad Pro will also have a FaceTime and an iSight camera. The rumored tablet will also have Force Touch Display technology, which is also expected in the upcoming iPhones.

If rumors are to be believed then the iPad Pro will be the first mobile device from Apple that will include a stylus.

"We're told that the stylus, which will be bundled with the iPad Pro in box, will 'not look like a traditional' one," reports 9to5Mac. "The stylus will open up the door to enhanced drawing and design apps on the new iPad, and the integration with the Force Touch screen will allow the stylus and the iPad Pro to work differently based on the levels of pressure applied by the stylus to the iPad's display."

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Apple will also introduce a variety of accessories to go with the iPad Pro. Reports also suggest that Apple has designed the iPad Pro in a way that will support wider support for Bluetooth keyboard and the company is said to be working on a revamped keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro.

Apple has its lips tightly sealed and the company, not revealing any details of the iPad Pro. It remains to be seen if the upcoming iPad Pro will be able to attract tablet lovers after its official launch.

Source : Techtimes