7 Tips to reduce high data usage on your iPhone in iOS 9

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Paying for the month-to-month phone invoice is usually a second of dread for individuals fearing they went over their data limits. With “Limitless Data” plans being virtually a factor of the previous, most cell phone house owners have an imposed data limits. With the new iOS 9 updates, there have been quite a few complaints of unusually high mobile data usage. If so for you, we’ve some ideas you should use to reign in that mobile data consumption.

Tips to Reduce High Data Usage on your iPhone

1. Flip Off Mobile Data Usage for iCloud

In case you use iCloud to transfer information forwards and backwards between units, this might lead to larger than typical data charges. In case you are working on a Pages doc throughout your Uber journey, meaning you’re utilizing cell data. All these edits and modifications are being saved to the cloud and utilizing data in the course of the course of. So, in the event you can

  1. Open Settings and go to iCloud.
  2. Within the iCloud part faucet on iCloud as soon as extra
  3. On the subsequent screen scroll all the best way to the underside and disable “Use Mobile Data.”

iCloud - Cell Data

Whenever you disable this feature, iCloud will not use cell data to switch docs or data, which can save power customers some very important bits of data.

2. Disable Automated Downloads on Mobile Data

App downloads are a number of the largest information on your device. In case you are downloading these automated updates, that would actually add up. As an alternative, wait till you’re related to Wi-Fi earlier than downloading and updating your apps.

  1. In Settings discover App and iTunes Shops.
  2. Within the Apps and iTunes Shops part, you’ll see Use Mobile Data. Flip this off and also you’re good to go.

Automatic Downloads

3. Disable Wi-Fi Help

Wi-Fi Help might be simply as dangerous as it’s useful. When making an attempt to complement a weak Wi-Fi sign, Wi-Fi Help makes use of Mobile Data to assist with dangerous service. Whereas this does assist, you possibly can unknowingly be utilizing a bunch of data. To disable the feature:

  1. Open the Settings app and discover Mobile.
  2. Scroll all the best way to the underside and slide the toggle for Wi-Fi Help OFF.

Wi-fi assist - disable

Once more, for people which will have a weak Wi-Fi sign at residence, you truly be utilizing mobile data for those who had Wi-Fi help enabled. In case you have had unusually high data usage, Wi-Fi help could possibly be the issue. However, with one drawback comes extra.

4. Monitor or Disable Data Hungry Apps

That is extra of a common tip. However there are specific apps that you simply use greater than others. A few of these apps gained’t eat data in any respect and others will. It’s all the time good to know which apps eat data, and extra importantly if these apps even want entry to mobile data.

Toggle Apps - Cellular

Make sure to forestall pointless, data hungry apps from utilizing mobile data. Simply toggle them off one-by-one.

5. Disable Background App Refresh

This can be a quite common trick to save on data. Apps can replace in the background, while you’re not utilizing them and this in fact, consumes data. This may be disabled and gained’t actually impact the way you work together with your phone.

  1. Go to Settings -> Basic and discover Background App Refresh. 
  2. Open the menu and disable the perform on the prime. The apps will go from inexperienced to clean.
    • You possibly can review the record of apps that had Background Refresh under the toggle.

Background Refresh - Disable

That is option is often disabled to save on battery life, however it works for saving on data as properly.

6. Keep away from Streaming High High quality Music

Apple has created the option to stream high high quality music no matter your being on Wi-Fi or mobile. In fact, the upper the standard, the bigger the file. The bigger the file, the extra data is required to stream it. So, in case you are in a pinch with your data limits, you’ll need to flip this OFF.

  1. Open Settings and head to Music
  2. Discover and disable High High quality on Mobile
  3. When you actually need to keep away from data charges, you can even disable Use Mobile data. With this option disabled, you’ll solely give you the chance to stream Apple Music over Wi-fi.

Music - Data

Disabling High High quality is the best option for these individuals who nonetheless need to pay attention to music over data, however don’t need the upper file measurement. For those who use Pandora, Tidal, or Spotify, you’ll be able to be sure that these solely stream over Wi-Fi as nicely.

7. Final Resort: Keep away from utilizing mobile data utterly

As a final resort you’ll be able to flip off mobile data utterly. In case you are at your 2GB month-to-month restrict and may’t afford to go over, then that is your primary option.

  1. Settings -> Mobile
  2. Flip Mobile Data OFF.

Cellular Data - OFF

In case you are not on Wi-Fi purposes, like ESPN, won’t load with out mobile data turned off. So, no want to worry about including additional data when that is toggled OFF.

These are a number of the very best ideas out there for decreasing high data usage for your device. Any ideas that we missed? Tell us in the feedback part.

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