Does it matter who came first? The story of the HTC One A9

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In a nutshell, lawsuits between tech giants aren't unusual and Apple isn’t a primary-timer in the ring. They’ve butt heads with Samsung earlier than, in an extended-drawn-out battle of ping pong, every taking turns to sue one another. When the first leaks of the HTC One A9 came round, we too thought it was an iPhone clone however lets have a look nearer at how Apple “innovates”; strategies that haven’t settled nicely with their Taiwanese counterparts, inflicting one of HTC’s regional chiefs to share his two cents on the topic.

Jack Tong, President of the North Asia had this to say, after the One A9 press occasion:

We’re not copying. We made a uni-physique metallic-clad phone in 2013. It’s Apple that copies us in phrases of antenna design on the again.”

A worthy case made by Tong; you’ll see what we imply whenever you examine the backs of the HTC One M7 and the iPhone 6, which the former came into existence first. At the time of its instillation, the M7 was a device veered for its use of a metallic unibody, to the extent that HTC stored the design language 3 times over – M8 and M9. Similarities between the iPhone 6/6s (since they appear the similar) and the HTC One A9 could also be uncanny however should you check out the (earlier launched) HTC One M7 and M8 in comparison with the Apple iPhone 6, yeah its the similar factor.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

HTC One M7 pictured on far left

He then provides that:

The A9 is made thinner and extra light-weight than our earlier metallic-clad telephones. This can be a change and evolution, and we’re not copying”

All this finger pointing as stated earlier, isn’t Apple’s first rodeo when contemplating the presence it has related to pioneering in the tech business – heck they’re even rumoured to be getting into the automotive enterprise. Once you check out the how the Cupertino model markets themselves, you’ll know that folks are likely to assume that the iDevices have been the first smartphone and pill.

What of the tablets that ran Home windows XP, or close to subject communication (NFC) tech distinctive and finger print sensors native to Japan? Each of which lead the pack means earlier than Apple determined to hitch a journey on the similar practice. We might go on about what came first however do they get the credit score? We really feel that limelight stealing generally will proceed endlessly.


A leaked photo has given HTC executives some highly effective ammunition handy right down to their underlings:


Whether or not the market reacts positively or in any other case, we’ll have to attend however HTC is unquestionably embracing all the free commercial it’s getting. One factor we may be positive of is that the Taiwanese producer will proceed to stay to the design on the One A9; as quoted by Tong, it’ll ultimately spill over to their prime of the line M and Want fashions.


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