Nexus 6P Reportedly Fails Durability And Bend Test, But Claims Are Misleading: Here's The Deal [Video]

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Huawei Nexus 6P Destroyed In Durability Test

The Nexus 6P starred in a controversial new video that claims the handset is a 'joke' when it comes to sturdiness, however issues aren't fairly so. The respective checks are deceptive and the Nexus 6P does not usually bend in contrast to the way it was depicted within the video.
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A new video displaying the Huawei-made Google Nexus 6P being mercilessly destroyed is making waves online. This brutal video, nevertheless, does not precisely depict the phone's sturdiness.

Final yr, a extremely-mediatized fiasco often known as "#Bendgate" surrounded the iPhone 6 Plus, as quite a few house owners of Apple's then-newest flagship reported that the phablet bent underneath regular circumstances akin to preserving it in a pocket. That sparked an entire frenzy and quite a lot of different prime flagship smartphones have been subjected to bend exams to examine whether or not they have been as flexible because the iPhone 6 Plus.

It now appears that #Bendgate has nonetheless not died down and the new Nexus 6P is the newest phablet to return beneath scrutiny. A questionable YouTube video from JerryRigEverything now claims that the Nexus 6P is a "joke," displaying how the handset miserably fails bend, scratch and burn checks.

On this video, the Nexus 6P's potential to outlive overheating, scratching and bending is put to the check in a fairly excessive method, and the writer claims the device does not bode nicely in both of the exams. The video sparked numerous controversy as a result of it is extra like a horror present than an inexpensive check to find out a device's sturdiness.

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To begin with, the display is cracked early within the video, then heated with a lighter. By the point it truly will get to the bend check, the construction of the Nexus 6P is already compromised, and it is comprehensible why. For sure, individuals shouldn't and do not usually burn their telephones with a lighter or another source of fireside to check its sturdiness. Doing so after which claiming that the device just isn't sturdy sufficient is hardly an correct depiction of its sturdiness.

Breaking the handset's display screen solely to warmth it with a lighter afterward and proceed to a bend check will clearly not yield passable outcomes when it comes to sturdiness. Glass is an integral part for the structural integrity of the device and after breaking that sheet of Gorilla Glass, the YouTuber is principally bending a sheet of aluminum.

In different phrases, the cracking and heating severely compromised the power of the body and structural integrity of the device, leaving it to be very straightforward to bend. As loads of different bend check movies present, the Nexus 6P in its new, undamaged type is inconceivable to bend.

Following the controversial video from JerryRigEverything, a number of different movies confirmed up online with numerous individuals trying to bend the Nexus 6P. The phone's display doesn't crack and the telephones don't bend within the different movies, and almost all Nexus 6P house owners who tried it reported that the device is definitely fairly sturdy.

Take a look at the movies under to get a greater concept of this new Nexus 6P Bendgate controversy. The first video is from JerryRigEverything, whereas the opposite two are from customers who proved the opposite.

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