Nexus 6P Bendgate Not Over Yet: New Bend Test Shows Freshly Unboxed Nexus 6P Easily Breaks In Half

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Nexus 6P Bend Test

The primary Nexus 6P bend check video was met with widespread criticism online, however the second bend check will in all probability depart your mouth hanging open. The newest video reveals a model new Nexus 6P virtually snapping in two.
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Following the extensively criticized bend check video of the Nexus 6P that compelled Android followers to query the integrity of the check technique, YouTuber JerryRigEverything has posted one other bend check video to show that the favored Huawei-made Nexus phablet isn't as structurally sound as Huawei would really like us to consider.

The primary bend check simply caught the ire of many individuals who identified that Jerry didn't put the Nexus 6P to a good check, largely as a result of the device was already "compromised" even earlier than the bend check started. The screen was already cracked earlier than it was burned by a lighter hearth. Given how a big a part of the Nexus 6P's construction is predicated on the Corning Gorilla Glass of the screen, the phone simply bent in two when sufficient strain was utilized.

For sure, the primary bend check was shelved amongst different movies categorized as "questionable." Nevertheless, Jerry is just not giving up on his claims that the Nexus 6P warrants a Bendgate scandal of its personal. His second video exhibits a Nexus 6P straight out of the field. No prior sturdiness exams or scratch exams have been finished on this one. Jerry needs individuals to know that the device got here in its pure, unadulterated type from the shop.

What occurs subsequent might shock the staunchest of followers. The video, taken in a single take, exhibits Jerry simply snapping the freshly unboxed Nexus 6P in half. It isn't only a slight bend or a crack on the screen. It is an enormous, coronary heart-wrenching break simply barely above the center of the phone. In fact, it renders the $ 500 device ineffective. Whereas the primary video might have earned Jerry a variety of opponents, it isn't precisely straightforward to weasel out an excuse for the second video.

Jerry explains that an aluminum body contained in the phone is meant to offer power to the Nexus 6P, however it failed to take action as a result of it isn't hooked up to the chassis. The joints that put your complete device collectively are additionally product of plastic, which explains why they simply pop off as soon as sufficient strain is utilized.

In fact, it isn't day-after-day individuals deliberately break their Nexus 6Ps in two, so there isn't any cause to boost the alarm over this new bend check. That stated, it all the time pays to take excellent care of your smartphone and put it the place it belongs — undoubtedly not in your pocket.

Take a look at the new bend check from JerryRigEverything under.

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