From Hoverboards To The Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Why Batteries Are Exploding And How You Can Protect Yourself

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In what could possibly be probably the most high-profile case of exploding batteries, Samsung has issued a worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The firm might be changing the Galaxy Note 7 models which have to date been bought by clients.

There have been solely 35 instances of an exploding Galaxy Note 7 battery, however Samsung correctly determined to launch the worldwide recall to stop additional situations. The Samsung flagship smartphone isn't the one device that has been reported to have an exploding battery although.

Does everybody keep in mind the hoverboards that have been all the fashion in final yr's vacation purchasing season? Some fashions of the private transportation device carried the danger of exploding batteries as nicely, with the U.S. authorities at one level declaring that hoverboards have been unsafe.

Why Do Batteries Explode?

There are two reasons behind exploding lithium-ion batteries, that are those powering the Galaxy Note 7, hoverboards and a lot of the present shopper digital units on the market. The first cause is a puncture, which could possibly be brought on by dropping the device to trigger a break within the internals of the batteries, resulting in a brief circuit. Cheaper batteries additionally typically include metallic particles that may trigger a brief circuit.

The second purpose is warmth, and that is the suspected purpose for a lot of the instances of exploding batteries. When a lithium-ion battery is uncovered to high quantities of warmth, internal cells might break down, additionally resulting in a brief circuit.

If a battery is defective, charging it up will result in very high temperatures. Overcharging may be a problem, as a result of the batteries can be taking extra present than they're designed to deal with, inflicting them to overheat.

If there's an excessive amount of warmth in a single a part of the battery, a thermal runaway can happen. In such a case, that a part of the battery couldn't settle down quick sufficient, resulting in a sequence response that may generate extra warmth to trigger an explosion.

Excessive-high quality batteries include security features to stop such situations from occurring. In Samsung's case, a number of the battery packs that it acquired from a sure supplier could also be defective, and within the instances involving hoverboards, the batteries that they utilized are low cost ones that didn't have such safeguards.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Right here are some things to remember to guard your self and your family members from exploding lithium-ion batteries.

1. Use official chargers and cables that include the units. Third-celebration chargers and cables, whereas cheaper than the official equipment, might trigger a device to obtain the incorrect quantities of voltage and present. This might result in the battery receiving an excessive amount of present than what they're able to.

2. Cease charging if the device turns into extremely popular. This might imply that the battery is already overloaded or that the device was positioned in a scorching surroundings. Let the device calm down first and check out charging once more, but when it turns into too scorching too shortly, it will be best to have the device checked.

3. Don't place charging units beneath different objects. Putting a charging device beneath one other object similar to a pillow or a pile of garments might result in the warmth being saved inside the device and inflicting the battery to overheat. When you're utilizing your charging device earlier than going to sleep, just remember to place it some place else, resembling a bedside desk in order that you wouldn't by chance roll over it whereas sleeping.

Ought to You Fear?

Lithium-ion batteries retailer high quantities of power inside a little or no area, which is why they're present in virtually each shopper digital device. Clients shouldn't begin to fear that each one their units might have exploding batteries although.

"It isn't like we stay in a world the place individuals's smartphones spontaneously combust," said IDC mobile telephones workforce analysis supervisor Ramon Llamas.

That stated, it will nonetheless be a good suggestion to guard your self from exploding batteries by stopping situations of overheating in units. For Galaxy 7 house owners, it will be a good suggestion to take up Samsung's recall as quickly as potential, simply to be protected.

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