The multi-functional Balldur is a Swiss Army lamp

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At its minimalist worst, the Balldur is a cool-wanting lamp. It’s made from clean wooden and ceramic and has a bulb that might make Thomas Edison proud. The Balldur (no matter meaning) looks like an artifact from a Terry Gilliam movie—and that my pals is a good factor. In some methods, it is additionally harking back to boutique guitar amplifiers. Briefly, it is good wanting.

The Kickstarter marketing campaign behind it claims it “has so many features is [sic] such a small device.” It’s true, it does. It’s on the brink of just about having too many to get a little complicated, however in the long run, I feel the gorgeous design of this strong-wanting device wins the day.

And whereas little messaging flubs like displaying a non-qi suitable device like an iPhone wirelessly charging on it are positive to annoy the cardboard-carrying nerds amongst us (myself included), I’d nonetheless in all probability join one thing like this.

When it comes to the performance (outdoors of letting there be mild) the Balldur lists:



So, as you possibly can see, there are various issues this doodad can do for you. On the finish of the day although, it seems to be to me like it will serve us best as a mobile app-managed lamp/speaker combo. It’s neat wanting and everybody wants a speaker for his or her smartphone, for positive. The wi-fi charging and discover-your-phone add-ons are good-to-haves.


On this age of cognitive units and approaches like Amazon Echo or the Staples Easy System, the Balldur is kind of the anti-echo…not a glossy, cylindrical column of the longer term however as an alternative kind of a reminder of the previous whereas having current, wanted features and that’s OK. We nonetheless want tactile merchandise on this digital world, and the Balldur has an air of expertise to it…prefer it’s made by somebody who remembers the previous and cares about it.

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