The Ripple Rug: You know, for cats

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Of all of the merchandise I’ve seen this yr none are extra worthy of our time and a spotlight than the Ripple Rug. Created by Fred and Natasha Ruckel, the Ripple Rug is a rug with holes and lumps in it. Your cat can climb inside, stick its paws out, and usually get all up inside that enterprise. It’s 35 inches on both sides and made from recycled plastic bottles.

Why is the Ripple Rug so fascinating? As a result of after creating the product the Ruckels started coping with drop shippers, eBay consumers who bought the product for an enormous revenue whereas saddling the creators with dissatisfied clients and returns. Day after day they needed to ship stop and desist letters to a legion of resellers who weren’t doing their clients any favors by charging $20 over their retail price and easily delivery the product via Amazon.

The effort was taking its toll on the couple they usually have been dropping cash. Their solely recourse? To tug their product from Amazon and promote it themselves at a misplaced of just about $40,000 a month.

You can hear about their troubles on Planet Money and skim this article about the couple by Jason Feifer. It’s a captivating take a look at the opposite aspect of constructing a product.

Actually the Ripple Rug is an ideal instance of the place we’re headed on the Web. Producers like Apple management their pricing by means of extraordinarily cautious policing and large authorized groups whereas small makers just like the Ruckers face drop shippers by the eBay-load. If the purchasers wanting for Ripple Rugs had solely gone to the official Amazon retailer – a matter of operating a fast search – they wouldn’t have value the Rucker’s all of that income and paid far much less for the identical product. However as a result of we the shoppers are lazy we'll click to purchase anyplace on the online after which whine once we spot issues cheaper.

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Additional, it exhibits us why some industries – automotive dealerships, watch producers, and luxurious good makers – work so exhausting to regulate their markets. It is mindless on the floor nevertheless it turns into more and more clearer when you understand the ramifications of drop delivery.

So hats (or cats) off to the Ripple Rug, the little rug that would. It’s story as previous as time: one cat, one rug, and a wobbly paw pranging onerous towards the tide of eBay.


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