Best 10 Weight Loss Apps for Android Free Download

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Weight Loss Apps for Android
Weight Loss Apps for Android

These are the best weight loss apps you can download to get in shape and lose weight by turning your Android into a personal trainer and dietician without paying big bucks for either expert. We’ll focus on three key areas with these weight loss apps — food logging, activity and motivation. You need to combine these factors to lose weight and to keep it off once you hit your goals.

A study from Kaiser Permanante found that logging your food doubles your weight loss, so we’ll share several apps to help you do that, plus we’ll share apps to help you work out smarter and faster as well as apps that motivate you and track your overall progress. These are the best weight loss apps we found for 2017. This list of the best weight loss apps helped me lose 25 pounds last year and keep the majority off. I’m re-doubling efforts with these apps and weight loss gadgets.

Whether you need to lose weight in 2017 or get in better shape, these are the apps you need on your Android. Most of these apps to lose weight are free to use. Some offer premium options for a price, but you can get started without spending any money to achieve your goal.

List Apps Weight Loss Free :

1. Lose it!

Lose it!

Starting off today’s list is Lose It!. This is currently one of the most popular weight loss apps. Which is not surprising as this is a very feature heavy app. If you are looking for one which can connect to multiple devices, multiple fitness apps and track your progress, then this is worth checking out.


2. 7 Minute Workout – Weight Loss

7 Minute Workout - Weight Loss

Those looking for a more active approach to an app, then 7 minute workout is just that. This is an app which looks to actively help you lose weight by guiding you through high-intensity seven minute exercise routines. There is even a virtual coach to offer motivation when needed.


3. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

My Diet Coach - Weight Loss

Next up is My Diet Coach ad this app looks to make a more reflective approach to aiding weight loss. As a result, this does come with a weight loss tracker but also includes tips and photos to help you mentally be in the right state of mind to lose weight.


4. Diet Point · Weight Loss

Diet Point · Weight Loss

Moving on and Diet Point is an app which comes with more than 130 curated diet plans and looks to ensure that the food you are eating is food which will aid weight loss. Each plan also comes with a detailed shopping list that you can simply export or print and take to the store.


5. Weight Loss Tracker – RecStyle

Weight Loss Tracker - RecStyle

In contrast to some of the apps, the approach on offer with Weight Loss Tracker is far more fundamental. This app allows you to input and record your daily weight and thereby, offering a way for you to easily compare how your weight fluctuates or decreases over a set period of time.


6. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

This is another app which will essentially provide you with a comparative look of your weight over time. However, this one also comes with a pedometer included. So while it tracks your weight it can also provide detailed information on how many steps you are taking per day. Useful way to see how much of your weight loss equates to steps taken.


7. BMI Calculator Weight Tracker

BMI Calculator Weight Tracker

Many apps will simply show you the calories burned or weight loss changed since the last measurement. However, this app looks to be a little more informative by including additional information like your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your Body Fat Percentage. Good for those looking for a more detailed breakdown.


8. WeightWar – Weight Loss

WeightWar - Weight Loss

Like the previous app, WeightWar is more of a data-driven approach to weight loss and will provide detailed breakdowns of how your war on weight loss is going. Including visual aids like graphs and stats so you can get a better understanding of your weight loss.


9. Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight

Once again, this is another data-focused app and will provide you with a better overall breakdown of the figures with a view to helping you understand the logistics of weight loss. Data can be exported if needed and there is also a PIN lock feature so other people cannot access the app.


10. DietBet – Weight Loss Games

DietBet - Weight Loss Games

Closing out the list is a little bit of a different weight loss app. If you have tried all the conventional methods then this one might be worth a shot. The idea here is that you pay to lose weight. The good news though, if you lose the weight, you get your money back and then some. A financially motivated approach, if you like.