The First 'Destiny 2' Raid Is Coming Very Soon: Here's What We Know About Leviathan

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Leviathan, the first “Destiny 2” raid, will launch very soon. Leaked details reveal that Leviathan will be the most technical Raid ever released in the series, which should excite the most hardcore players. 
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The first raid of Destiny 2, titled Leviathan, is coming very soon, and its alleged details have been leaked in the official Destiny subreddit.

Here is everything we know so far about Leviathan, as well as what Destiny 2 players can do to prepare for it.

Destiny 2: Leviathan To Launch Sept. 13

Leviathan will go live on Sept. 13 at 10:00 a.m. PDT, which gives Guardians very little time to prepare for the first raid of Destiny 2.

For newcomers to the series, Raids are some of the hardest challenges in the Destiny franchise. Destiny players spend a lot of time and effort in completing quests, accumulating gear, and improving their characters in preparation for them. To complete Raids, teams made up of six Guardians are required to tackle puzzling battles and flesh out specific tactics. Raids are definitely the most engaging and interesting content of Destiny, and that will likely continue into Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Leviathan Leaked Details

A Redditor, who claimed that he was in contact with someone who playtested the upcoming Raid a few weeks ago, posted details of Leviathan on the official Destiny subreddit.

The leaked details include the fact that the Raid’s title refers to both a ship and a living creature, and that one portion of the Raid will resemble an Indiana Jones scene of escaping from a crumbing temple, like a Sparrow race on rails with stuff blowing up around the players.

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The Raid will introduce a brand new visual effect, and is said to have incredible music. There is a mini horde mode in one of the Boss fights, a Labyrinth of the Consul puzzle, and arguably the best set of Raid weapons and armor. The Nine are also mentioned several times throughout the Raid, alluding to the competitive player vs. player mode Trials of the Nine which will be unlocked on Sept. 15.

Leviathan is also said to be the most technical of any Raid ever released in the Destiny series, which should be exciting for the most hardcore players.

How To Prepare For The Leviathan Raid Of ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 Director Luke Smith tweeted that Leviathan will have a Power range of 260 to 280. Players who would like to get into groups with the best chance of success will need to get their Power level to 280 and above.

Power levels in Destiny 2 work the same way as Destiny Light levels. Players with Power levels below the recommended range of Raids will receive penalties that will make completing them near impossible.

Polygon’s Daniel Friedman put together an extensive guide on how Destiny 2 players can boost their Power levels up to a respectable number in time for the launch of Leviathan. It might sound like a lot of work, but Raids arguably offers the best experiences in the Destiny series, so players should do them right.

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