'Final Fantasy XV Comrades' Update: Release Date And What To Expect

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"Final Fantasy XV Comrades" will receive its patch 1.1.0 on Dec. 12. The developers are looking at long term plans to make the game more enjoyable as revealed in its Active Time Report.  
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Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata and the Marketing Manager Akio Otsuka have come out with information on the game's future updates.

In the Active Time Report broadcast for the Final Fantasy XV, several new bug fixes were announced. On Dec. 12 the company will launch a new patch for the game this year.

The Road Map For 'Final Fantasy XV Comrades'

Square Enix, the developers of the game will add new content to the game over the year which includes new quests for the players to explore.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Patch 1.1.0 is dedicated to fixing bugs for the multiplayer expansion. Players had complained about the inability to level up in some cases during the gameplay.

Apart from that, the patch is also going to eliminate problems with multiple quests. Sometimes the players reported about enemies not appearing and issues which made game progression impossible. All these issues will be fixed with the launch of the latest updates.

The game will receive new content in the form of "Time Limited Quests". This latest addition will allow quick matching of players to form a team and defeat waves of enemies. However, there is a time limit involved to complete the task.

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Another feature coming to the game is "Witch's Shop". This will grant the players with buffs that they get from meals in exchange for rewards of the timed quests.

Other Developments

The Director Hajime Tabata has also announced that the games "Pocket Edition" for Android and iOS will get further delayed. The latest date for its release is now set for winter next year.

The team has revealed that it will add the ability to use relevant game characters as playable. This means that the "Avatar System" which lets a gamer to play their original character is also under consideration. These updates are for long-term and will come with passing time.

Final Fantasy XV is currently running on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will come out on Steam in early 2018.

The Director also revealed that content updates to the game will be decided before the end of 2017. He said that there will be at least three DLC of the same size of the "Episodes" that came in 2017. The first episode will be Ardyn. It will delve deeper into the background of the world's in which the gameplay takes place. Developers are also considering the players request for Luna.

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