Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 and Dark Rock 4 CPU Coolers Pictured

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At its new product launch suite along the sidelines of the 2018 International CES, Be Quiet showed off a large number of new products, beginning with the Dark Rock Pro 4, the company’s new flagship CPU air cooler, and its second-fiddle, the Dark Rock 4. These are two entirely different coolers. While the Dark Rock Pro 4 is dual fin-stack aluminium fin tower cooler, the Dark Rock 4 is features a single but thick aluminium fin-stack. Seven 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes pass through the two fin-stacks int he Dark Rock Pro 4, which are ventilated by two fans in push-pull configuration, even as the cooler can hold up to three fans. The outside “push” fan is a 120 mm SilentWings 3, while the “pull” fan, nestled between the two fin stacks, is a larger 135 mm SilentWings fan. You can run the cooler without the outer 120 mm fan.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is designed to handle thermal loads of up to 250W, which means it supports a variety of HEDT CPU socket types. Be Quiet hopes to launch this cooler some time in Q2-2018. The Dark Rock 4, on the other hand, features a more conventional single fin-stack tower design, with six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes transporting heat through the fin-stack. The heatsink is venilated by a 135 mm SilentWings fan. The Dark Rock 4 can handle thermal loads of up to 200W, and it too will feature support for various HEDT CPU sockets. This cooler is slated for Q2-2018, too. Both models feature improvements to the fin design, including small dots that increase surface area, and a dark ceramic coating that improves heat dissipation.

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