AMD Ryzen 2000-series "Pinnacle Ridge" CPUs Get Soldered IHS

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AMD's second-generation Ryzen 2000-series "Pinnacle Ridge" processors, which succeed the corporate's first Ryzen "Summit Ridge," reportedly feature soldered built-in heatspreaders (IHS), in accordance AMD spokesperson "AMD_Robert" on Reddit. This might make the chips completely different from the Ryzen 2000G-series "Raven Ridge" APUs launched earlier this week, which include a thermal paste between the IHS and the die. Soldered heatspreaders are typically identified to have higher warmth switch between the IHS and die, when in comparison with packages with thermal pastes between the 2; and are costlier to fabricate. They take away the necessity to "de-lid" the processor (take away the IHS). Ryzen 2000-series processors are anticipated to debut in April 2018.


Source : TechPowerUp

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