Covering “Virtual Insanity” in virtual reality

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A musician from Raleigh, North Carolina named Chase Holfelder, recorded a canopy of Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity,” a stonerific acid jazz anthem that needs to be acquainted to ’90s children. This version, nevertheless, is recorded solely inside a virtual reality rig with the assistance of the HTC Vive and VRScout.

Holfelder used the SoundScape VR challenge to play and sequence the music, permitting him to snap drums with virtual drumsticks and play the piano utilizing the Vive paddles. In all it’s a reasonably thrilling of Vive’s interactive parts.

There's little or no actual industrial utility in VR… but. Nonetheless, when artists like Holfelder fireplace up their rigs and make inventive stuff like this they present us the probabilities of the medium and the way we could be interacting with complicated programs in the long run. Sadly, he didn't slide throughout a virtual ground or put on a furry hat in this video, an oversight that units VR analysis again by no less than just a few years.

Source : TechCrunch

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