Datamine Reveals New Costumes For ‘Super Mario Odyssey,’ Including Zombie And Santa

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A new "Super Mario Odyssey" datamine reveals the new costumes coming to the game at some point. Nintendo might make them official during E3, or perhaps earlier.   ( Nintendo )

New costumes are headed to Super Mario Odyssey, including a Zombie suit for the Italian plumber — complete with an axe skewered into his head, surprisingly — a racing fire suit and helmet, and more.

The names for these costumes had already surfaced back in February, but this new datamine reveals the actual designs. Super Mario Odyssey, though not really a DLC-heavy game in the traditional sense, has received plenty of updates from Nintendo since its release, most recently the Luigi's Balloon Word expansion this past February, and it seems the company is continuing to fluff the game up with post-release extras.

Twitter user ecumber has managed to dig the said costumes Mario will get to wear in the game's next update, which should arrive in the next few weeks. There's a good chance Nintendo is saving them for a proper reveal this June during its E3 presentation, but unfortunately for the company, nothing can be kept hidden for long anymore, especially in this age.

Here are some of the new costumes spotted in the datamine:

Zombie Mario

(Photo : ecumber | Twitter)

Nintendo is going to turn Mario into a full-on Zombie. Get ready for undead Mario — pale sickly green skin, tattered clothes, and blank eyes cranking up the creepy to the next level. The little details are what Nintendo is always masterful at, and that really shows in this costume: the missing shoe, the dilapidated gloves, and Mario's yellowish teeth really sell the whole look, yet the entire presentation doesn't end up seeming too macabre.

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Conductor Mario

(Photo : ecumber | Twitter)

If Zombie Mario shows the plumber at his very worst, then the Conductor costume shows him at his most dapper, dressing Mario with a fancy conductor suit and a powdered wig to boot, making Mario look like he's straight out of the classical era. Again, Nintendo shows it's the master of details with this costume. Just look at the yellow ribbons on Mario's shoes.

Racing Mario

(Photo : ecumber | Twitter)

This costume gives Mario a head-to-toe racing look, complete with a "Mario Motors" suit and pretty slick blue gloves. Mario is wearing a helmet in this costume, and rounding out the whole look are blue shoes embellished with a slanted "M" design that somewhat resembles lightning. Perhaps Nintendo should patch this costume into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Just saying.

Santa Mario

(Photo : ecumber | Twitter)

December is still a number of months away, but Super Mario Odyssey is already preparing for the season with a proper Santa Claus costume for Mario. It's pretty traditional, with the familiar red-and-white suit and thick beard, although it doesn't cover Mario's face entirely. Of course, it comes with a Santa hat. There's also an image showing Mario in 3D 8-bit form, but it's hard to determine for now whether this is a standalone costume or part of Santa's Christmas loot.

There are also three other costumes modeled after three Broodal rabbits found within the game, ones for Harriet, Spewart, and Rango.

It's important to remember that Nintendo has yet to confirm whether these costumes are legitimate, so needless to say that they should be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully, the company reveals more details as E3 nears.

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Super Mario Odyssey is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Thoughts about the costumes? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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