Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be 'A New Creation' That 'Surpasses The Original'

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A Square Enix job listing revealed that the developer is looking at the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" as "a new creation" that "surpasses the original." The job listing, however, may hint that the release date will not be soon.  ( PlayStation | YouTube )

The Final Fantasy VII Remake will be "a new creation" that "surpasses the original," according to a pair of urgent job listings posted by Square Enix.

Fans of Final Fantasy VII are hungry for more details about the remake, as details on the game have been scarce since its initial announcement three years ago at E3 2015. Will we learn more about the Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 2018?

Square Enix Job Listings Tease 'Final Fantasy VII Remake'

A Square Enix job listing revealed how the developer is tackling the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. The developer does not think of the game as "a simple remake" but rather "a new creation" that will look to meet the massive reaction that the announcement received at E3 2015.

"After 20 years, the staff behind the original Final Fantasy VII, who are top-rankers in the industry even now, are reuniting. A project to create 'a title that surpasses the original' is starting full-scale," the job listing stated.

How exactly Square Enix is planning to make the Final Fantasy VII Remake even better than the original Final Fantasy VII may be seen in previous gameplay trailers and screenshots of the upcoming game. It appears that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will add more action to its combat system, similar to what is seen in Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix is also planning to release the Final Fantasy VII Remake in a multi-part format, though it remains unclear if this is still the plan.

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'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Release Date?

The job listing does not provide a timeline for when the Final Fantasy VII Remake project will come to fruition. However, taking a look at the positions that the developer is trying to fill, gamers looking forward to the game may be disappointed.

The first position is for a Battle Planner, who will design the battle system for Final Fantasy VII Remake, think of ideas for enemies and bosses, and construct environments that will include the parameters for the growth of the players' characters. The second position, meanwhile, is the Level Planner, who will construct a workflow for location production, think of ideas for level designs, and implement the plans through Unreal Engine 4.

It can be speculated that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is still very early in its creation stages, if Square Enix is still hiring people for these basic game development positions. That does not bode well for gamers who have already been waiting three years, as it definitely looks like the wait will not end soon.

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