Football Manager Touch 2018 Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch

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The popular football management simulation can now be purchased from the Nintendo eShop. "Football Manager Touch 2018" makes its console debut on the Nintendo Switch for $40.  ( Football Manager | YouTube )

The Nintendo Switch players can finally take their sports simulation to another level as Football Manager Touch 2018 launches on the console's eShop for $40.

The popular series marks its debut on the hybrid game system as its first appearance on a console. Sports Interactive, the developer of the well-received franchise has reportedly optimized the title to be compatible with the device's unique control system. Sega, the game's publisher, confirmed that the port will support inputs made with the touch-screen and the Joy-Con controllers.

More Sports Games

While most sports simulation games that also come out for current-generation systems like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One get downgraded for the Switch, the developers of the above-mentioned title claim the port is exactly the same one featured on other platforms such as PC, Linux, Mac, and mobile devices.

This is a welcome change of scenery for the owners to get a sports game that is equal parity-wise with the other versions.

A Welcome First

Football Manager Touch 2018 for the Nintendo Switch was made possible by the efforts of the development team from Sports Interactive and Hardlight, the same game studio that worked on Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash. The game relies on its 3D Match Engine to deliver great graphics and animation during matches.

It's a big surprise for fans of the franchise that the game finally came out on a console. "This is a milestone release for Football Manager," noted Miles Jacobson, the game studio's director. "This is our first console release in a number of years but it is also our most innovative release of Football Manager Touch to date thanks to the various control methods we've included that gives everyone a way of playing Football Manager that suits them," he added.

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How Does It Play?

The most recognizable football games on consoles are the FIFA and PES series published by Electronic Arts and Konami respectively. However, Football Manager Touch 2018 and other games from the franchise have a loyal following.

The announcement that it is on its way to consoles most likely surprised everyone, which includes the Nintendo Switch owners themselves. First-time players will be amazed how much control the management simulation game gives its users. Gamers can create their own clubs, scout for new players, call out plays, make substitutions, and interact with the team.

There is no word on a physical release of the football management game. Those interested to grab the game can purchase a digital copy from Nintendo's eShop.

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