(PR) Fraunhofer IIS Announces the New JPEG XS Video CODEC and Implementation

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Built-in Circuits IIS broadcasts its first JPEG XS codec implementation for video manufacturing at the NAB Present in Las Vegas from April 9-12 2018. The coding specialists of Fraunhofer IIS will exhibit the JPEG XS codec as an enter format for post-production in a software plug-in for Adobe Premiere Professional CC with real-time playback functionality of 4k60p UHD video.

With ever-increasing quantities of information from larger decision and dynamic vary in movies, long-distance transmission from coax cables in studios will quickly turn out to be outdated. At the similar time, manufacturing firms and studios are attempting to substitute specialised cables and switches for video transmission by industrial off-the-shelf (COTS) elements with the introduction of easy and cost-effective IP transmission over commonplace Ethernet infrastructures.

JPEG XS typically is a new codec beneath standardization by ISO/IEC SC29 WG1 ('JPEG committee') for IP workflows in studio environments, native video networks and VR/AR functions which permits transferring high-resolution video knowledge over commonplace Ethernet or different wired connections. The codec is optimized for the use with mezzanine compression when high image high quality knowledge must be transferred by way of restricted bandwidth or must be processed with restricted computing assets. The Fraunhofer IIS JPEG XS growth can be utilized for the lowest complexity and platform-independency functions at compression ratios from 2:1 to at the very least 6:1.

JPEG XS allows a easy integration in all present or software programs, comparable to cameras and extenders, as a consequence of its high granularity of parallelism in the algorithm. The codec is designed to benefit from the SMPTE 2110 transmission layer system over IP.

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At NAB Fraunhofer IIS will exhibit the JPEG XS codec as an enter format in a software-plugin for Adobe Premiere Professional CC to be used in post-production with real-time playback functionality of 4k60p UHD. The demonstrator runs on Home windows and makes use of a NVIDIA graphic card to speed up the decoding.

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