PUBG Ransomware Forces Users to Play PUBG to Decrypt Their Files

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MalwareHunterTeam lately found the PUBG ransomware that's at the moment floating across the web. When executed, the pesky program would encrypt the recordsdata and folders which might be situated on the sufferer's desktop and add the ".PUBG" extension to them. Whereas meant to be extra of a joke than precise malware, the program calls for that the sufferer play PUBG for an hour. However, customers can decrypt their recordsdata in two methods. They will introduce the "s2acxx56a2sae5fjh5k2gb5s2e" code into the program and proceed to restore their recordsdata or launch the PUBG executable for 3 seconds. MalwareHunterTeam famous that the program runs a background test for a "TslGame" course of, and subsequently customers can rename any executable to TslGame.exe and trick the malware into considering that the pretend executable is the true deal. Need to play a merciless joke on your buddies? Ship them a replica of the PUBG ransomware.


Source : TechPowerUp

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