Xbox One To Get 120 Hz Support In May: Why High Refresh Rates Matter

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Xbox One users who have high refresh rate monitors should be pretty pleased with the console’s upcoming May update. Microsoft is finally bringing 120 Hz support to the system, which will make games smoother and more visually dynamic.  ( Patrick Kovarik | AFP/Getty Images )

PC gamers can attest to how gaming experiences are significantly enhanced with excellent monitors, especially those that support high refresh rates north of 120 Hz.

Not only does it improve graphical fidelity of games, but it also offers a more dynamic mode of play. Plus, games run butter-smooth and look more refined, and high refresh rates have been proven to lessen chances of getting eye strain.

Xbox One 120 Hz Refresh Rate Support

Now, after years of gamers fervently asking Microsoft to include it, the Xbox One is finally getting 120 Hz support. The system's forthcoming May update will include an option in the Display & Sound > Video Output menu that will let users choose between the conventional 60 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rates. That's on top of 1440p resolution and variable refresh rate options that came in April.

This, coupled with support for AMD FreeSync displays — which addresses the screen tearing effect that occurs when a monitor isn't in sync with the GPU — should make gaming experiences pretty sick.

It should be noted that the new option will be useless for gamers who don't have the appropriate equipment. Obviously, they need to have a monitor that supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Regular TVs often don't offer built-in high refresh rate support, but there's a lot of gaming monitors in the market that do, although some of them cost a great deal.

Microsoft has yet to confirm which consoles will get higher refresh rate support, but the Xbox One X would be a good bet.

Other Updates

Microsoft is also bringing Xbox One interface improvements, as PC World outlines. Users will be able to group games and apps however they like, and those settings will be synced across multiple Xbox consoles.

They'll also have the ability to trim captured video clips directly within the Guide app.

The Xbox Family Settings will get a new "Details" section for even more information on family control and settings.

The Xbox Accessories app will be easier to navigate, and Microsoft will also adjust the button commands used for navigating the Xbox One Home screen.

The update is expected to roll out automatically, so make sure to check the notifications panel to see if it's landed.

Thoughts about the Xbox One's May update? Is there something else you'd like Microsoft to bring to the console? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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