A friendly robotic arm plays tic-tac-toe to help rehabilitate patients

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Researchers at Ben-Gurion College of the Negev in Israel are constructing a tic-tac-toe sport to help patients with their rehabilitation workouts. The sport is performed on a grid of containers and contains “embodied” and non-embodied play. Embodied play means a robotic arm will seize and place a marker – on this case a small cup – and non-embodied play contains vibrant lights that mild up to mark the pc’s spot.

The system makes use of a Kinova arm and cups. The cups are a part of the rehabilitation course of and help customers be taught to grasp and manipulate objects after an sickness or accident.

“Taking part in Tic Tac Toe with a set of cups (as an alternative of X’s and O’s) is one instance of a sport that may help rehabilitate an higher limb,” mentioned Dr. Shelly Levy-Tzedek. “A particular person can decide up and place many cups whereas having fun with a sport and enhancing their efficiency of a every day process.”

Apparently the velocity of the robotic had an impact on the customers. A slower robotic would make customers carry out extra slowly whereas a sooner robotic sped up the sport. This may very well be used to modify the sport for particular person patients and particular person wants. As a result of the robotic by no means will get drained the rehabilitation workers can concentrate to the minute actions of a affected person, catering the velocity and sort of play to the affected person’s explicit wants.

The analysis paper appeared in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience.

Source : TechCrunch