Alphacool Announces Eisblock GPX Waterblocks for AMD and NVIDIA Graphics Cards

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Alphacool today introduced two new waterblocks, commercialized under the Eisblock GPX moniker. These are aimed at the top of the line offerings from both AMD and NVIDIA, in the form of the RX Vega and Pascal Titan X / GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, offering full coverage and exceptional performance. The two new SKUs are based on the same design and have the same performance targets, but differ in the waterblock's finishing touches - Plexi with a touch of RGB, or the more subdued, classical Acetal finish.The Plexi is the more complex of the offerings, offering RGB support (configurable through most manufacturers' solutions, such as Aura Sync or Mystic Light through the full-coverage window, for users to show off their liquid's colors. It's supposed to fully cover the graphics card thanks to its included backplate, offering a seamless design language. The Acetal solution is a simpler one, but doesn't compromise on the logical king - performance. Both of these waterblocks feature interchangeable terminals, to facilitate users in their builds and rebuilds.


Source : TechPowerUp

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