Microsoft's Hit Surface Hub is Getting a Second-Gen Product in 2019

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Microsoft has listed a second-generation approach to their original Surface Hub, the innovative conference room computer built for collaborative work scenarios that was met with considerable success. That success, of course, stems from the integration of a whiteboard/computing solution, that brings interactivity and computing to usually less... techy collaborations.

According to Microsoft, the idea behind the Surface Hub 2 is simple: "A new culture of work is emerging. One where unlocking the power of the team has never been more important. I see it with our team daily. People coming together, creating together. Making products stronger through collaboration, whether they're in the same room or separated by thousands of miles." And Microsoft may have put in some of the improvements to do just that.

The new Surface Hub system will be a 55", 4K-resolution affair that comes with a slim bezel design so it can be wall-mounted - and the real-estate can be easily expanded to up to four Surface Hubs. The new panels/computers/whiteboards eschew the previous-gen 16:9 screen ratio and adopt Microsoft's now preferred 3:2 ratio. If buyers want to use the Surface Hub as a portable product rather than a wall-mounted, set-it -and-forget-it-or-have-a-million-headaches product, they're giving users that option by partnering with Steelcase, which will develop rolling stands and supports that allow the new Surface Hubs to be carried from room to room to impress anyone that happens to watch that particular logistics segment.


Source : TechPowerUp