(PR) Philips Launches 221B8LJEB and 243S5LJMB Full HD Monitors

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MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips monitors, is announcing a new 21.5" Philips Full HD monitor fully packed with a rich feature set. Including a range of advanced technologies and options, the new Philips 221B8LJEB ensures vivid colors and crisp details to help boost user productivity throughout the workday. And when a larger viewing area is needed, the essential Philips 243S5LJMB monitor combines an efficient 23.6" Full HD display with eco-friendly features.

The perfect workplace starts here

The new Philips 221B8LJEB Full HD monitor includes some of the most valued, leading edge features that are essential to a great and productive workplace. Start with the exclusive SmartImage technology, for instance, that continuously analyses the content displayed on the screen in order to optimize its performance. Depending on the task at hand, the user may choose from several different modes - Office, Photo, Movie, Game, and more - and let SmartImage tune contrast, color saturation and sharpness to provide the best image for the application in use. Moreover, a specially designed Economy mode is available to lower power consumption whilst ensuring that everyday office applications get displayed best.

The 21.5" TFT-LCD panel also includes a flicker-free W-LED backlighting system to regulate brightness and reduce eye fatigue, while for more natural and true-to-life images SmartContrast technology automatically adjusts colors and controls backlight intensity, enhancing contrast for richer, darker hues in videos, games, photos and images. And for long-term eye care, Philips LowBlue Mode also reduces shortwave length blue light rays produced by LED displays, averting potential eyesight damage over time.

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The ergonomically focussed 221B8LJEB would not be complete without additional key features such as the paper-like reading experience of EasyRead Mode and the flexibility allowed by SmartErgoBase, a special monitor base that makes it easier to adjust height, swivel, tilt and rotate the display to suit any individual preference and need.

Where efficiency meets reliability

Also announced today, the Philips 243S5LJMB is a durable, essential display providing superior picture quality thanks to the vivid colours of its mercury-free TFT-LCD panel coupled with SmartContrast technology. Complete with everything needed to be immediately productive, the 243S5LJMB has a compact design to save space while providing a large 23.6" Full HD viewing experience; its VESA mount option makes it a great solution in every environment where desktop space is at a premium.

Connected to the world around us

Supporting multiple connectivity options is a must in any digital workplace. For this reason, both these new monitors are equipped with a complete range of digital and analogue options like DVI-D, HDMI, and VGA ports, with the 221B8LJEB also including DisplayPort 1.2 technology, enabling daisy-chaining of multiple displays. An easy-to-reach headphone connector and two integrated high quality, 2W stereo speakers especially suited for multimedia, collaboration and communication applications, are also included.

A rich feature set for every need

Recognizing that each workplace is unique, Philips offers a complete range of professional monitors designed for productivity, ergonomics and compliance needs of today's organizations of all sizes. The new 221B8LJEB belongs to the acclaimed B8 line, which provides eco-friendly display options ranging from 22" TN to 27" IPS panels, screen resolution from Full HD up to Quad HD with 1.074 billion colors, and also USB 3.0 ports with fast charging. On the other hand, the new Philips 243S5LJMB highlights some of the characteristics of the refreshed S5 line where ergonomic options with extended ports and swivel/tilt/height adjustment features are also available. Both display lines share a sustainable design to reduce environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle and help businesses reduce operational costs thanks to compliance with current energy standards and power-saving features.

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The Philips 243S5LJMB will be available later this month, while the Philips 221B8LJEB will be available in June 2018; both with a RRP of £119.

More information on Philips monitors: https://www.philips.co.uk/c-m-pc/monitors

Technical Specifications: Display Philips 221B8LJEB

Technical Specifications: Display Philips 243S5LJMB

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