Watch these robotic soccer players play a nail-biter of a match

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As a hater of all sports activities, I'm notably excited in regards to the imminent alternative of people with robots in soccer. If this thrilling match, the Normal Platform League (SPL) remaining of the German Open that includes the Nao-Staff HTWK vs. Nao Devils, is any indication, the long run goes to be nice.

The robots are all NAO robots by SoftBank and they're all designed in response to the necessities of the Standard Platform League. The robots can run (kind of), kick (kind of), and raise themselves up in the event that they fall. The 21 minute video is a bit of a slog and the spectators are positively not drunk hooligans however darned if it isn’t nice to see little robots hitting the turf to seize a ball earlier than it hits the objective.

I, for one, welcome our soccer-playing robotic overlords.

Source : TechCrunch

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