New PUBG Xbox One Update Out Now; Here Are The Patch Notes

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The PUBG take a look at server (PTS) was lately opened for gamers to strive new recreation updates and patches for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The server closed on July 16, and all of the updates are actually stay in the primary recreation.

The new replace patches just about each weapon in PUBG, and likewise provides a new firearm and car. The UI has been given a noticeable enchancment, the OC and AS servers have been merged into one Australian server, and the leaderboards have been utterly reset. Participant motion with regard to sprinting, capturing, and swimming have additionally all been tweaked. How sound works has been up to date so gamers can extra simply discern from which path gunshots are coming from as properly.

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Maybe the simplest change to note is the new flight path that seems on the map previous to the beginning of a match. This can assist gamers determine on a spot to parachute to earlier than even getting on the aircraft, and extra simply coordinate with teammates.

After being defeated, Xbox One gamers may also now spectate their opponents. When killed, you may watch the actions of the closest participant to the place you died. When that participant is killed, you may spectate the closest participant to them and proceed hopping from one participant to the subsequent till the tip of the sport. If playing in a workforce, you will not be capable of spectate till your entire teammates are worn out.

The most notable updates are listed in additional particular element within the patch notes beneath, however you could find the complete record on the official PUBG boards.

PUBG Xbox One Patch Notes


  • Pistols
    • Elevated the injury of the P92, P1911, P18C, R1895, and R45
  • Shotguns
    • Elevated total injury and efficient vary
    • Shotgun chokes and duckbills are actually much less efficient at lowering unfold (so the efficient unfold for a shotgun with a choke or duckbill shall be just like earlier than)
    • Elevated limb pictures modifier (capturing limbs now does extra injury)
    • Barely decreased the injury of the S686 and S1897
    • Decreased pellet unfold
    • Shotgun chokes can now be hooked up to the sawed-off
  • SMGs
    • Adjusted SMGs to be more practical briefly vary fight
    • Elevated limb pictures modifier
    • Barely elevated the injury of the Micro UZI, UMP9, and Vector
    • Decreased vertical recoil on all SMGs
    • Decreased recoil and scope sway when transferring in ADS (aiming down sights)
    • Elevated ADS transition pace
    • To make the Vector a little bit simpler to seek out, we’ve elevated its spawn fee on the expense of the spawn fee of the UMP-9 (total SMG spawn fee stays the identical).
  • ARs
    • Rebalanced ARs so none is the "goal" best—the power differential between every is now diminished, however every brings benefits to totally different conditions.
    • Barely decreased the injury of the M16A4, SCAR-L, AUG, and M416
    • Elevated reload time by 30% for the SCAR-L, M16A4, and M416
    • Elevated reload time by 10% for the AKM
    • Elevated vertical and horizontal recoil for all ARs besides the AKM
    • Decreased recoil restoration fee for all ARs
    • Restricted huge scopes (8x and 15x) to be used with all ARs
    • Modified recoil animations for all ARs
    • First shot (together with first shot after recoil resets) from the M16A4 now has much less recoil.
  • DMRs
    • Elevated head, physique, and limb shot modifier
    • Decreased the injury of the SKS
    • Barely elevated the injury of the VSS and Mini14
    • Elevated vertical and horizontal recoil for all DMRs
    • Decreased the recoil restoration fee for all DMRs
    • Added new recoil animations for all DMRs
    • Elevated world spawn fee of DMRs.
    • DMRs now use AR attachments (magazines, compensators, and many others.) together with SR attachments
  • SRs
    • Decreased primary injury of the M24 from 88 to 79
    • M24 will now not dropped in care bundle. It spawns on this planet
    • Each SR quickdraw magazines and SR prolonged quickdraw magazines now spawn solely in care packages
  • Different weapons
    • Barely elevated the injury of the DP28 and M249
    • Restricted huge scopes (8x and 15x) to be used with LMGs (DP28, M249)
    • Decreased crossbow reloading time from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds
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Different Merchandise Stability

  • Degree three helmets now solely spawn in care packages (and one is assured to be in each care bundle)
  • Decreased the spawn fee for AR prolonged quickdraw magazines
  • Adrenaline syringes now spawn (hardly ever) alongside regular loot within the recreation world
  • Adjusted the casting time of Adrenaline syringe from eight seconds to 6 seconds
  • The tactical inventory and cheek pad are actually much less efficient at enhancing recoil restoration fee. It now improves ADS pace.

New Weapon and Car

  • The Mirado is a traditional muscle automotive: a quick, four-seat sedan that’s restricted to Miramar. It may be discovered round downtown areas and predominant metropolis streets.
  • The SLR spawns alongside regular world loot. It is a DMR which makes use of 7.62mm ammo and accommodates 10 bullets per journal (20 bullets when prolonged.). The SLR is extra highly effective than the SKS however has extra recoil. Recoil management is the important thing to utilizing the SLR successfully.

New Attachments

  • Duckbill - A new attachment for shotguns (S1897, S12Okay). It decreases vertical pellet unfold however will increase horizontal bullet unfold
    • Attachable to S1897, S12Okay
  • Gentle Grip - It decreases first shot/single shot recoil by about 15%. Animation kick discount has been modified to 20% (from 30%).
    • Attachable to ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS, Vector)
  • Thumb Grip - It reduces vertical recoil however will increase horizontal recoil. It additionally will increase the recoil restoration time
    • Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Half Grip - It reduces vertical and horizontal recoil and likewise reduces recoil restoration time
    • Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, Vector, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS)
  • Scope 3x - This scope has fastened 3x magnification with an illuminated reticle. It is discoverable as a typical world-drop merchandise
  • Scope 6x - This scope has variable 3x–6x magnification. It is discoverable as a uncommon world-drop merchandise.
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Character Motion

  • Barely decreased motion pace when holding SRs, LMGs (M249, DP28) and shotguns. Your geared up weapon impacts each your sprinting pace and your working (regular motion) pace.
  • Eliminated the primary shot delay when your character just isn't sprinting
  • Chambering a new spherical in sure weapons (M24, Kar98okay, S1897, and many others.) now not limits you to strolling pace whereas aiming down sights
  • The quantity your camera shakes after being shot (“purpose punch”) now relies upon on the quantity of injury acquired.

Boat and Swimming Changes

  • Boats now sink when destroyed
  • Decreased the utmost submersible time from 35 to 15 seconds
  • As soon as you've got run out of air, you will now take 10 injury per second (up from 4 injury per second)
  • Elevated the delay for breath restoration time from one to 4 seconds. (In different phrases, whenever you elevate your head up out of the water, it will now take 4 seconds earlier than you start to get well your breath)

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