5 Classic Games You Didn't Know Were On Mobile
5 Classic Games You Didn't Know Were On Mobile

5 Classic Games You Didn't Know Were On Mobile

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One of the coolest things about mobile gaming is how easily it lends itself to adaptation and reboots. Just about any game can be adapted for mobile devices, if not exactly then at least as an imitation. As a result, there are a lot of old favorites that have been developed anew for this most modern of gaming mediums. The only problem is that sometimes this happens pretty quietly. There are so many developers putting out so many games that sometimes even a promising title with a built-in following goes largely unnoticed.

That’s why we’re taking time to highlight a few classic gaming options you may not realize have become available in mobile app stores.


Doom Classic Games
Image by Youtube: jaythesupernerd94

1. Doom Classic

There are actually a lot of similar alternatives to Doom that have come up in mobile gaming. Not only is the original classic a perfect model for first person shooters, it has an almost nonspecific dungeon exploration quality that you can’t quite describe, but which can certainly be imitated. So there are games that now feel quite a bit like Doom. However, the classic has also been adapted to mobile platforms, which is a treat for anyone who enjoys FPS games, retro games, or a bit of both.


Clue Game
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2. Clue

Here too we have a situation in which imitations exist but aren’t quite as good as the real thing. Board games in general have actually made a fairly interesting comeback via mobile, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Clue is among them. But it did take some time for a faithful and enjoyable version of this classic mystery-solving board game to come along. Now, for our money, it’s one of the better board gaming experiences you can get on your phone or tablet.


Classic Poker Game
Classic Poker Game

3. Poker

Okay, you most certainly knew that poker was available on mobile platforms, so in a sense this is nothing new. What is new, however - at least relatively speaking - the the ability to play with a live dealer on a mobile game. These versions of mobile poker actually involve streams to active, living dealers, which makes the games feel that much more authentic and realistic. Most of them exist through real money gaming sites, which means you may need to be in certain countries or states to be able to enjoy them, but simply from a gaming news standpoint it’s been an amazing development in casino play.


RollerCoaster Tycoon
Image by Youtube : KYRSP33DY

4. RollerCoaster Tycoon

RollerCoaster Tycoon is one of the more curious games in history, when you think about it. There was no reason for anyone to expect that designing a digital theme park would become a smash hit played by untold millions and remembered fondly for what’s become decades. That’s just what happened however, and now there’s a RollerCoaster Tycoon mobile game that’s been called a faithful port of the ‘90s classic. It’s fun from a nostalgia standpoint, but it also stands out among a surprisingly high number of games that revolve around building and maintaining places (cities, parks, etc.).


Crazy Taxi Game
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5. Crazy Taxi

It’s hard to imagine how many games Crazy Taxi inspired or at least influenced over the years. While there were plenty of wild driving and racing games before it, Crazy Taxi took things to a new level by making recklessness the main focus of the game. Direct imitations (you might remember Simpsons: Road Rage) followed, but it can be argued that Crazy Taxi even has some influence on games like the Grand Theft Auto series. Whatever you may believe about its place in gaming history however, the classic game is still a blast, and works surprisingly well as a mobile adaptation.