Best Free Animated GIF Makers for Windows and Mac 2018

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Best Free Animated GIF Makers for Windows and Mac: Images tells a thousand words and the GIF, on the other hand, would tell ten thousand words. Even though, the word count may look bit exaggerated, but the fact is images are the best form of conveying a message to a larger audience through visuals. Having a GIF maker installed in your Mac or Windows PC is essential if you want to create GIF out of the images.

The advantage of using a GIF over  a static image is that the animated GIF can show lots of contents in the form of multiple images while being the same size of a single static PNG image file.

People on the web mostly use only three file formats for image sharing namely PNG, JPG and GIF. Animated GIF has become a new trend among social media users after several Social media website allowed the users to use GIF in the social media comment section and as status. Recently Facebook started to support the GIF on its social network website, even though it has its own limitation for now. The limitations include, no GIF preview, unable to embed GIF in Facebook Pages, but on only personal Facebook profiles and some of the most popular GIF sites are yet to make their GIFs compatible with Facebook.

Nevertheless, it’s not necessary that you should only use GIF on Facebook, Google Plus supports it for while now and you can alway use your own animated GIFs on several GIF dedicated websites and web forums of course.

Now before you try to join the GIF online army, you may want to know how to create GIF and what are the available tools to create animated GIFs.

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To answer your first question, creating a GIF is just like trying to fix two pages using glow. So, basically you add multiple images in a row and create a GIF out of it.


Best Software GIF Makers for Windows and Mac :

Now, what are the tools to create animated GIF? Well, there quite a few animated GIF makers out there and in today’s round we will be looking at those best free animated GIF makers for Windows PC and Mac.


Photoscape Software

1. Photoscape

Photoscape is basically an image editor, but also comes with several other features, which makes it an image suit. It includes a photo editor, GIF animator, image converter, splitter, screen capture, color picker tools etc. It is available for both Mac and Windows PC, so there no issue with compatibility.

To make GIF using Photoscape, launch Photoscape and open GIF maker. From the GIF tab, you should add all the images of which you want to make GIF. You can also adjust the speed of the animation, type of frame and change the canvas size.

Once you have created the GIF, click on save button and save the file with a name. For smaller size GIF, select small canvas size.

Download Photoscape - Here


Microsoft GIF Animator

2. Microsoft GIF Animator

Microsoft GIF animator is an official GIF maker for Windows PC. Once you have downloaded and installed the Microsoft GIF maker, launch it. Drag and drop multiple GIF files to the frame panels. You can also select repeat and look or set delay timing.  The Microsoft GIF maker is no longer available for download from Microsoft, but you can download them from third-party sites. The downside of the app is its small window, which cannot be maximized for some reason.

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Download  - Mircosoft GIF Animator


GIF Animation GUI

3. GIF Animation GUI

As the name indicates, the GifApp is one such utility, which is lighter in size yet does the job perfectly fine.  It is an open source portable app and is one of the best free GIF maker to have in your PC.

It allows you to add multiple images at one, adjust dimensions of the images, set frame delay and more. It also offers 17 different effects including crystallize, grayscale and invert etc. If you want  a portable GIF maker, GifApp is the one you should have.

Download - GifApp


4. GiftedMotion

GiftedMotion is yet another GIF maker which is just 70KB in size. GiftedMotion  can do basic tasks like creating GIF animations out of your images. It also includes features like frame delay, setting image position etc. However, you will not find visual effect like sliding etc in GiftedMotion.

This one is a very basic GIF maker. If you are only looking for a GIF maker to create animated GIF without any visual effects then GiftedMotion  can do this job.

Download - GifApp


So, this was about best free animated GIF makers for Windows and Mac. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.