How to Know if Your Router is Hacked

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How careful you are about your internet router and confident about its safety?  Your Internet Router helps you connect to the internet and most of the time we are not even worried about its status until and unless it stops responding or you face any problem in your internet connectivity. But, the possibility is that there might be somewhere someone trying to hack into your router to again access to your computer. Now just to avoid such situations here is how to know if your router is hacked.


How to Know if Your Router is Hacked


How to Know if Your Router is Hacked : We do lots of things on internet from sending emails to browsing your social networking account to handling your bank transactions making online deposits. When you do online shopping or interact with social networking websites, you exchange your personal and private data through your computer. And, these personal and private data are the exact things which cyber criminal are eyeing for.

Most of the social networking sites are SSL protected to make sure that your connection is safe. The same holds true for your online banking transaction,a s your bank and online shopping sites take extra precaution for users safety.

Although, you can be sure about the sites you are visiting because they have SSL security, you cannot be sure about the thing which connects you to the internet which is your Router. Most of us don’t feel the necessity to keep checking our routers as they are protected with user name and password.

Cyber criminals try to hack your router to gain access to your computer, because most of us never bother to change the default user name and password of our routers. A simple search can show you the default user name and password of any router based on its maker. Recently, a group of hackers hijacked 300000 wireless routers to make malicious changes with a simple DNS hijacking technique.

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With this technique, hackers, hack wireless routers and then redirect users to fake website which looks identical to the original website. And when the user enter their user name and password to access their account, it will be recorded by the website. Which will be later used by hacker to hack your social media accounts etc.


Method to Check Router is Hacked

Now to avoid such situations, what you can do is perform regular check of your internet router to know whether your router is hacked. Here is how to know if your router is hacked.

Step 1: Go to F-Secure website. It is an online service, which check whether your router is safe or is hacked.

Step 2: Once in the website, click on Start Now button and wait till it performs a check.

Step 3: Once done, the F-secure website will show you the status of your Router.


That’s it! If you see “No Issues Were Found” message that means you are safe. If not, change your Routers user name and password including the default user name and password.