How to Send Fax From Computer or Laptops ( Online )

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Send Fax From Computer

Fax machines are still hold their importance even after modern information service like Email took over. Still I see people looking for fax machines to fax their important documents to destination. Now if you don’t have access to fax machine then here is how to send fax from your PC easily with free and paid services.


How to Send Fax Online :

Sending Fax from your PC is as easy as sending an Email using your PC. The only thing you need to send fax from PC is a right tool, which could help you in sending fax from PC. So, today I will list few of these paid and free services which allows you to send fax from PC.


Free Online Service to Send Fax :

1. GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax is free fax sending online service and allows you to send fax from your PC easily. Simply visit and keep your documents ready.

Under Sender Info, type in your Name, Company (optional) Fax number (optional) and your Email ID.  Under Receiver info, type in Receiver’s Name, Company name (optional) receiver’s fax number and Subject.

Under fax content section select “ Enter rich text to fax” and type in your text which you want to fax or select “Upload PDF/Doc/JPG Files to Fax” click on choose file and select PDF file which you want to fax. Maximum upload size is 20 MB and maximum files you can upload are three (3).

With free plan, you could only send two free faxes per day, however you could also opt for premium plan to get rid of ads and unlimited faxes per day.

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2. GinzaFax

Ginazafax is a premium online fax sending service, but comes with free trial as well. The premium plan starts at $4.99 month. You could easily send fax from your Google Docs account by selecting the file you wish to send. You can also receive fax from anywhere in the world and your received fax will be sent to Google Docs.


3. Interfax

InterFax is similar to Ginzafax, except the fact that it supports email clients apart from Gmail, which includes Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo!. It also comes with free trial and then you could opt for premium plan and use it for business or personal use.


4. PamFax

PamFax comes with 3 page free after signup offer without any ads. It also offers add-ons for Outlook and Zimbra email client. Supported services are Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive. You could also use this service on Mac OS X and Windows PC as it’s a cross platform tool.