How to Save Articles to Pocket from Pintrest

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How to Save Articles to Pocket from Pintrest - Pinterest and Pocket are two awesome web tools that you may have used more than once if you are into the internet thing. Pocket allows you to save articles from the web to Pocket account for later reading, and the Pinterest is, of course, a mine for interesting articles related to your niche. However, Pinterest is not Pocket and Vise Versa.  In case you want to save articles to Pocket from Pinterest, this guide is will help you to do it.

Zapier is one service that allows you to connect both the services (Pocket and Pinterest) and save articles to Pocket from Pinterest.

Save Articles to Pocket from Pintrest

Zapier is just not about Pinterest and Pocket. It is a service similar to IFTTT. It allows users to automate processes and actions online. If you have used IFTTT before you would know that it saves Pins from Pinterest to Pocket instead of the article itself. This is where Zapier takes the cake. If you haven’t used Zapier in the past, follow the below given steps to get started.


Save Articles to Pocket from Pinterest

Begin with creating an account at Zapier. So, go to Zapier sign up page and enter your details to create an account. Once you have signed up for the account, you may have to confirm the account using your email account.

Step 1 : Add Pinterest account to Zapier

  1. Now login to your Zapier account and go to Dashboard. It’s time to create a new Zap. Click on Make a New Zap button.
  2. In the Choose, a Trigger App field, enter Pinterest and select it from the results.
  3. Select New Linked Pin as your Pinterest Trigger in the next page.
  4. Click Save + Continue button at the bottom.
  5. Click on Connect a New Account button.
  6. A pop-up window will appear asking you to allow Zapier to access your Pinterest Account. Click on Okay if you are Okay with it.


  7. To make sure that your Pinterest Account has been given proper access click on Test button to test the connection. You will see a Success Message if the test is successful.


Step 2 : Add Pocket account to Zapier

  1. Click on Fetch and Continue button.
  2. Under Choose, an Action App, search for Pocket and select it.
  3. Under Select Pocket Action, select Save for Later and click on Continue.
  4. Click on Connect a New Account if you haven’t linked your Pocket account already.


Now you will be asked to enter details to Set up Pocket Save for Later.

In the URL field, enter any URL such as URL of any of the pin that you want to save to Pocket. You don’t have to enter URLs manually. Simply click on the + button beside the URL field and select any one of the Pin URL. Title and tags are optional. Entering a URL will allow you to test the setup. Enter the URL and click the Continue button.

Link Pocket to Pinterest

At last, you have to name your newly created Zap and turn it On. So, slide the toggle switch to Turn On the Zap after you have named it.

Turn On the Zap

Though, Zapier is an excellent app, the free version of the app comes with limitation including only five Zap setup and only 100 Zaps per month.