Stop Facebook Videos from Playing Automatically

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Are you getting annoyed with the latest Facebook auto-play video feature? If yes, here is how to turn off the auto-play videos in Facebook.

Facebook allows the users to upload their favorite videos to Facebook and share them with their friends.  Videos are the best methods to communicate things, if pictures are not enough.

Stop Facebook Videos from Playing Automatically

However, the latest feature by Facebook allows all the videos to play automatically. As the user scrolls through the feed, any Facebook video in the news feed will start playing automatically.

Some may find this to be handy feature, but most of the users would like to play Facebook videos manually rather than automatically. If you are on a limited bandwidth internet connection, this is surely not one of the features would want to have on Facebook.

Fortunately, Facebook also allows you to disable auto-play videos in Facebook.  This would come in handy if you are on a limited bandwidth internet connection and don’t want to spend all the bandwidth on unnecessary Facebook auto-playing videos.

You can disable auto-play videos in Facebook from the Settings tab. Navigate to Videos tab and then disable Auto-play videos. Follow below given steps to know how to do it in detail.

Stop Facebook Videos from Playing Automatically

  1. Begin with logging into Facebook. So go to and login to your Facebook account.
  2. From the top right corner, click on the drop down arrow icon. This will bring up the list of options.
  3. From here, click on Settings. This will open your Facebook settings section.
  4. Under Settings section, scroll down to the bottom and click on Videos tab.
  5. Videos tab has two options. Video default quality and Auto-Plays Videos.
  6. Click on Video default quality and select SD only.
  7. Next, click on Auto-play videos and set it to Off.
  8. The default option or the On option will play all the videos automatically. So, set it to Off.

That’s it. You have successfully disabled auto-play videos in Facebook. Do let is know your thoughts in the comment section.

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