Five Tips to Help You Choose Images for Content

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Tips to Choose Images for Content

In order to engage users in website design you need to use great images together with good layout and design elements, but how do you ensure that you choose the right images for your project?
We are familiar that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, but this may not be the case. Right image together with content can be a golden ticket for website, but it is easy to make mistake. Here are the tips to guide you choose your images:


1. Ensure your image matches the content

Research shows that the human brain processes the image faster than text. Combination of images and text is more successful in communicating the message than text alone.
The important rule here is that your image should match your content or information on your website. The image on your website gives new visitors the attention and message whether to continue scrolling down or leave the website. If the image is not related to the content the visitor is likely to leave your web page. So you have to choose a picture that is right to text on your page.


2. Avoid small images

The bigger your image the bigger the effect will get on the users or readers. Also, do not forget the technical aspects, choose a large and high-quality image. It is embarrassing to have a blurry image on your page. You have to choose an interesting image that makes get inspired on reading your web content and stay on your web page. It should be something uncommon that makes the reader wonder what will come next and scroll down or click next page.

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3. Your images should be up to date

If you are going to pick the images on internet for your website then you have to look at supply date on the photos, avoid using the pictures taken some years back. Try and find the recent ones. If you are using the image of someone, then look for the latest picture of him or her because it’s possible the person looks different now. If a photographer provides you with the images then this a better way of ensuring the recent photo. You should also tell your photographer on kind of images you need.


4. Use infographics

If your website contain complex subjects you want to make them look more appealing, use infographics to present complex content in an attractive and clear way. No one likes long text content that includes deluge or summary of numbers.
To make your content neat and attractive you need to add an illustrative image that has data you need to present your users. Whether you pick an illustration, pie chart, graph or flow chart, choose an easy one. It should be clear and appealing.


5. Avoid bad stock images

People can notice the poor stock images quickly. They might have been used sometimes back but internet of now is different.
Bad stock images look cheesy, staged and gives a feeling in inauthenticity. You will not want to choose images like these. There are sites with images that don’t give stock photo feeling. Therefore you should consider websites with free stock images when choosing your image.

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Images help invoke emotions to readers so you should also consider emotional images. You should always keep in mind of the quality and clarity of the images.