8 Unusual iOS Dating Apps You Should Know

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Unusual iOS Dating Apps

Dating sites have become an indispensable part of pop culture. This became clear when Match Group, the creator company of such popular apps like Tinder and OkCupid, went public last November. Today, the Match Group is worth $3.3 billion.

And the market continues to grow even further, many news apps and services have appeared throughout the years, and today we will enlist the weirdest and the most unusual of them.


Bristlr: application for bearded men and their admirers

Do you have a beard? Or maybe you want to date a bearded man? We present to your attention Bristlr - a dating site and the eponymous application that combines bearded men and those who like them. Having started as a joke project, Bristlr, according to its creator John Kershaw, gained about 100,000 subscribers. He claims that today, 90% of users, at least, have heard of him.


Farmers Only: online dating for farmers

Farmers Only is a dating site with the motto "Urbans will not understand." It has gathered herders, farm workers, agricultural students, and in general all those who prefer to live in the province. If what is written on the site is true, then more than 200 people were able to conclude a sacred union thanks to this site.


3nder: Tinder for three

The application positions itself as Tinder for three. The name of the application is pronounced “Threender.” 3nder is a Facebook dating application. It is considered the most liberal among analogs and is aimed at such clients, for whom the concepts of “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” are not just empty phrases. As of November, 3nder was downloaded about 1 million times.


Sizzl: an app for bacon lovers

Would you like to meet singles who share your passion for crispy bacon? Sizzl is the answer to your prayers. The application is owned by Oscar-Mayer, a producer of meat delicacies. It was created in the form of a joke: in the registration form, you will not find questions about your political and religious views. Instead, you will be asked to indicate what you like best — pork or turkey bacon, and how crispy you prefer it to be.


Gluten-Free Singles helps you find a partner who doesn’t eat bread

If you have stomach problems, it does not mean that you have to live life alone. The idea of Gluten-Free Singles is to get people who prefer a gluten-free diet together. The community of gluten-phobes also gathered around Gluten-Free Singles, so it’s probably not just a search for a partner. The homepage of the site notifies you, "On our site, anyone who prefers to avoid gluten can find a friend, couple, or a group of interest."


Tindog: an application for dogs and their owners

The application was launched last summer. With it, a lonely dog lover can meet another dog lover without leaving home. Not quite clear, however, for whom the application is intended since

profiles are created just for the four-legged friends. You will find the photos of their owners on this site. So, if you are a breeder, or it seems to you that your little companion needs a friend, Tindog is for you.


Seeking Arrangement: a site for rich daddies

SeekingArrangement is dedicated to rich older men who are looking for companies of women much younger than them. Site users agree on one thing: meetings, sex, and relationships in exchange for money and gifts are just a form of relationship. At the same time, critics call the site’s activities to be prostitution. Brandon Wade, Seeking Arrangement CEO, generally considers the service, rather, a socio-anthropological experiment. Which, however, lasts for a bit too long - the site has been functioning since 2006.


Wingman: love on the plane

Wingman is the same as Tinder, only for great heights. Wingman is designed for single travelers who want to meet someone during a flight. It's very simple: you create a profile, upload a photo, specify the name, occupation, flight number, and airline. It is also necessary to indicate the purpose of the flight: whether you are traveling or are on a business trip. The application will show you a list of people from the same flight with whom you can meet. Just try to start a conversation before they tell you to turn off all mobile devices.