(PR) Crytek Shows Off Neon Noir, A Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo For CRYENGINE

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Crytek has launched a new video demonstrating the outcomes of a CRYENGINE analysis and growth challenge. Neon Noir exhibits how real-time mesh ray-traced reflections and refractions can ship extremely real looking visuals for games. The Neon Noir demo was created with the new superior version of CRYENGINE's Whole Illumination showcasing actual time ray tracing. This feature might be added to CRYENGINE launch roadmap in 2019, enabling builders around the globe to construct extra immersive scenes, extra simply, with a production-ready version of the feature.Neon Noir follows the journey of a police drone investigating a criminal offense scene. Because the drone descends into the streets of a futuristic metropolis, illuminated by neon lights, we see its reflection precisely displayed within the windows it passes by, or scattered throughout the shards of a damaged mirror whereas it emits a crimson and blue lighting routine that may bounce off the totally different surfaces using CRYENGINE's superior Whole Illumination feature. Demonstrating additional how ray tracing can ship a lifelike setting, neon lights are mirrored within the puddles beneath them, avenue lights flicker on moist surfaces, and windows mirror the scene reverse them precisely.

Neon Noir was developed on a bespoke version of CRYENGINE 5.5., and the experimental ray tracing feature primarily based on CRYENGINE's Whole Illumination used to create the demo is each API and agnostic, enabling ray tracing to run on most mainstream, modern AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Nonetheless, the longer term integration of this new CRYENGINE expertise might be optimized to learn from efficiency enhancements delivered by the most recent era of graphics playing cards and supported APIs like Vulkan and DX12.

Ray tracing is a rendering method that simulates advanced lighting behaviors. Realism is achieved by simulating the propagation of discreet fractions of power and their interplay with surfaces. With modern GPUs, ray tracing has change into extra broadly adopted by real-time functions like video games, together with historically much less useful resource hungry rendering strategies like dice maps; utilized the place relevant.

The experimental ray tracing instrument feature simplifies and automates the rendering and content material creation course of to make sure that animated objects and modifications in lighting are appropriately mirrored with a high stage of element in real-time. This eliminates the recognized limitation of pre-baked dice maps and native screen area reflections when creating clean surfaces like mirrors, and permits builders to create extra real looking, constant scenes. To showcase the advantages of actual time ray tracing, screen area reflections weren't used on this demo.

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