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Top Android Apps for Twitter ClientAndroid Apps for Twitter Client - Twitter became mandatory applications and services available in the Android smart phone. With Twitter, users can follow the news and hot topics that are busy talking on social media.
Some people argue that the official Twitter application poor features. Therefore, the application developers take advantage of the API (application program interface) Twitter, and make changes here and there so that applications have the advantage that they make and looks different from the others.
Of the many applications Twitter client on Android, there are at least six of the best applications based on features, appearance, and the sensation perceived user experience. Please try the apps you like and select the best one of them.
Apps Echofon
Echofon comes with a simple display, with white domination. For the landing page to the timeline Tweets, Mentions, and DM, you just move the screen to the right or left.
What is unique from Echofon, you can install the widget on the front page of the phone or Android tablet. It provides an easy so you do not need to open the app to see updates of your Twitter timeline.
Apps Plume
Comes with simple and minimalist. You can drag the screen to the right and to the left to move through the timeline Tweets, Mentions, and so on. Plume fairly light because it takes up less memory.
Apps TweetCaster
TweetCaster offers organized interface. You can also choose a theme as you wish. What is unique from TweetCaster, there is the "Zip It" at TweetCaster that lets you hide the chirp is considered disturbing the timeline, without you having to do unfollow. Zip It can be selected based on hashtags, keywords or phrases, and user accounts.
Apps Falcon Pro
Falcon became one of the beautiful Twitter client application, at least from the side view. It can display tweets attach a photo in the timeline. Slide the screen to the right to see a menu space providing access to the timeline Tweets, Mentions, DM, Trends, Search and Settings.
Apps Carbon
Carbon look fresh with some beautiful 3D movement. When used to move from page to the timeline Tweet Mentions, its 3D motion really cool. By default, the background Carbon appear in black, while the white text. Carbon offers an experience that is so rich and very different from the others.
Apps UberSocial
This is a popular application for Indonesian people. Echofon has several advantages, such as adjusting the notification, see the conversation thread as an SMS, multiwidget and live preview.
Some of the above applications there are available in free and paid versions. If you try a free version of the application, there are consequences you will see the ad. Please upgrade to the paid version if you want to be free of advertising and getting the full features of the application.

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