Can a dual output DC-DC converter provide a single output?

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Sure, many dual output DC-DC converters can truly be used to provide a larger voltage, single output.

Determine 1 reveals a simplified block diagram of the TDK-Lambda’s CCG +/-12V dual output converter.  Two transformer secondary windings are rectified and filtered to provide two 12Vdc voltages and are related collectively, successfully in sequence.  Internally the 0V of the higher circuit is related to the +12V of the decrease circuit and this level is provided to the person because the 0V or widespread connection.  This gives a +12V and a -12V output to the person.

Determine 1: A dual output DC-DC converter offering a +/-12V output

If a single 24V output voltage is required, a dual output converter can be utilized as proven in Determine 2.

Determine 2: A dual output DC-DC converter offering a 24V output

Internally nothing has modified, there are nonetheless two 12Vdc voltages related in sequence.  If the widespread terminal isn't related to the person’s circuit, the converter can now provide a 24V single output.

Word the utmost out there output present stays the identical as the utmost output present of the dual output converter.  For instance the 30W CCG30-24-12D is rated at +/-12V +/-1.25A, that means it's able to supplying +12V at 1.25A and -12V at 1.25A or if related as a single output, 24V at 1.25A (30W).

Likewise a dual output +/-15V converter may be configured to produce 30V.

All the time affirm with the producer if their datasheet doesn't state it may be used as a single output.

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