Design and Implementation of GSM Based Industrial Automation

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The principle goal of this proposed undertaking is to design and implement a versatile, cost-effective and highly effective GSM Based Industrial Automation security system. A GSM primarily based Industrial Automation system is required for the occupant’s comfort and security. This method lets you detect housebreaking, leaking of dangerous gasoline, smoke prompted as a result of hearth and after detecting suspicious exercise, it sends an alarm message to the proprietor quantity in addition to safety personnel. The involved individual will take some action, by sending some instructions to the Microcontroller unit by registered mobile and controls the economic gadgets by Relays.

Industrial automation or numerical management is the use of management methods equivalent to computer systems to manage industrial equipment and processes, lowering the necessity for manpower. The operation and management of the fashionable industrial gear and course of wants heaps of sensors to watch a number of parameters of the methods.

Design and Implementation of GSM Based Industrial Automation

The proposed system includes of GSM modem, Microcontroller, various sensors, relays, memory and LCD Show. If the person desires to manage the system from a distant place, he/ she has to ship the SMS command from his registered mobile indicating the operation of the device. The GSM modem embedded with Microcontroller receives the person’s command. In line with the obtained message, the Microcontroller will swap ON/ OFF the relays (i.e. particular application).

The block diagram of the GSM Based Industrial Automation system has proven within the under diagram. The system primarily consists of three parts the GSM MODEM and the interface circuit that features the completely different sensors used.

Block Diagram of Receiver
Block Diagram of Receiver

Structure of the System

The interface circuit diagram and predominant power provide connections are given within the under diagram. The GSM linked to the person, police station, and hearth brigade by the mobile mobile network.

The perform of the GSM MODEM is the distant communication between the person (by mobile) and the controller by the RS232 serial communication normal. The Microcontroller is constantly checking the outputs of the completely different sensor and ship messages by the GSM network in case of emergency.

The Microcontroller is linked to varied gadgets like a smoke detector, movement detector, IR sensor, LDR by relays. An interface circuit has been designed which incorporates the programmed Microcontroller and the GSM modem by the serial port of the GSM MODEM, the sensors as enter gadgets and these are linked to Microcontroller and relays.

GSM Based Industrial Automation
GSM Based Industrial Automation


Main Circuit
Important Circuit

The principle role of every part is defined intimately under.

Energy Provide Unit

The power provide unit offers two DC voltages (5V &12V) for various usages. The under diagram reveals a easy circuit to get a 5v and 12v power provide from a single circuit.

The AC mains will step down by a step-down transformer T1, rectified by bridge rectifier B1, and filtered by smoothing capacitor C1 to acquire a gradual DC voltage stage. The IC 7805 voltage regulator used to acquire 5V DC. The IC 7812 voltage regulator used to acquire 12V DC.

5V AND 12V Power Supply Unit
5V AND 12V Energy Provide Unit

Microcontroller- AT89S52

The AT89S52 is a low power, high-performance CMOS 8-Bit Microcontroller with 8K bytes of flash memory (in system programmable memory) it's manufactured by Atmel with high-density nonvolatile memory know-how and is suitable with trade normal 80c51 instruction set and pinout.

AT89S52 Microcontroller
AT89S52 Microcontroller

The principle role of the 8051 Microcontroller in GSM Based Industrial Automation safety system:

On this system, the Microcontroller programmed in such a manner that, it all the time searches for enter from the sensors. If the Microcontroller interrupted by the sign from any of the sensor then it's going to give instructions by the GSM MODAM to the person mobile by sending an SMS.

The LCD is linked to the microcontroller to display the standing of MODEM, standing of the sensor. For instance, if the microcontroller is initializing the MODEM, if any case, MODEM didn't initialize, the person doesn’t know what is going on within the system, so we're utilizing the LCD to display the standing.


We used GSM/GPRS SIM900A modem works on frequencies 900/ 1800 MHz. The modem is coming with the RS232 interface, which permits you connect with a PC in addition to a microcontroller with the RS232 chip (MAX232). The baud charge is configured from 9600-115200 by AT command.

It has an onboard Regulated Energy provide. Utilizing this MODEM, we are able to make audio calls, SMS, Learn SMS, attend the incoming calls and web and many others by easy AT command.



  • Twin-band GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz.
  • Configurable baud charge.
  • SIM card holder.
  • Constructed-in network standing LED.
  • Inbuilt highly effective TCP/IP protocol stack for web information switch over GPRS.

The very important role of GSM modem in GSM Based Industrial Automation safety system:

These days the whole lot goes to be automated utilizing smart MODEM know-how, utilizing this know-how we are able to entry any gadgets remotely.

The GSM MODEM is speaking with the Microcontroller utilizing AT instructions, for instance, if we wish to ship an SMS to Aa quantity 98xxxxxxxx, the instructions we've got to ship is AT+CMGS=”<98xxxxxxxxxx>”, <enter>, <message>, <ctrl+Z>.

On this undertaking, it's used to ship SMS to the house owners mobile when one thing undesirable issues occurred of their residence or trade with out permission.


The RS-232 is a communication cable, generally used for transferring and receiving the serial information between two gadgets. On this undertaking, it offers communication between MODEM and the microcontroller.

RS232 Communication
RS232 Communication

Smoke Sensor

A Smoke Detector device is a smoke sensing device that signifies the hearth. Smoke Detectors are very helpful in properties, workplaces, faculties and industries. The MQ-2 sensor detects the presence of flamable gasoline and smoke at concentrations from 300 to 10000ppm.

Smoke Sensor
Smoke Sensor

This may be simply linked to the microcontroller. Every time the smoke the detects any smoke/ hearth, then it sends indicators to the microcontroller then MC will ship SMS to the person mobile.

LDR (Mild Dependent Resistor)

An LDR is a device that has a variable resistance that modifications with the sunshine depth that falls upon it. This feature permits them for use in gentle sensing purposes. On this undertaking, we are able to use this sensor for lights on/off objective.


Thus, that is all about implementation of GSM Based Industrial Automation. We hope that you've got a greater understanding of this idea. Moreover, any queries concerning this idea or electrical and digital initiatives, please give your suggestions within the remark part under. Here's a query for you, what role of RS232 on this undertaking?

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