Droop Mode Current Share

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If two power provides are to be related collectively to provide extra power or share the load, then a parallel succesful mannequin ought to be chosen. TDK-Lambda’s DPP100, 120, 240 and 480 fashions are all parallel succesful. On the front of every power provide is a small black swap. For parallel operation this swap ought to be set to “parallel” (Fig. 1).

In single mode the load regulation (the quantity the output voltages modifications with load) is minimal, the distinction being lower than 0.24V from zero load to full load for a 24V output power provide.

In parallel mode that load regulation is artificially elevated to 1.2V utilizing internal circuitry (Fig. 2).

The additional voltage drop or “droop” is proportional to the load drawn, in order that when two or extra power provides are related in parallel the output load is shared between the power provides. If one of many paralleled power provides tries to offer extra present, its output will droop barely and the opposite provides will steadiness.

For optimum efficiency, all power provides ought to have their outputs set to the identical voltage.