What is Remote Sensing?

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Most medium to high power AC-DC power provides and DC-DC converters have “Remote Sense” connection factors (+/- Sense) which might be used to control the provision’s output voltage on the load. Because the cables that join a power provide’s output to its load have some resistance, as present flows it can trigger a voltage drop within the cables. Because it is best to control the voltage on the load website, the usage of the 2 Remote Sense wires related from the provision to the load will compensate for these voltage drops.

Typical distant sensing circuits are able to correcting from 0.3V to 1.0V of voltage-drop within the output cables. Nevertheless, to make certain, at all times verify your power provide’s instruction handbook to find out the utmost distant sense compensating vary. If the voltage drop throughout the cables exceed the vary of the distant sense circuits, this may be remedied by both decreasing the size of the cables or rising the dimensions of the cable’s conductors. The distant sense leads carry little or no present, so gentle gauge wires can be utilized. Steps needs to be taken to make sure the distant sense wires don't choose up noise by both twisting the +/- Sense wires collectively and/or shielding the wires from noise. It is essential to look at the right polarities, i.e., the +Sense wire ought to join on the load to the +V output cable and the –Sense wire ought to join on the load to the –V output cable. Seek advice from Determine 1.

Fig. 1: Energy Provide with Remote Sense Wires Linked on the Load

When not utilizing the distant sense feature, Native Sense (LS) connections needs to be used. On this case the +/-Sense factors needs to be related to their corresponding output or native sense terminals on the power provide (+Sense to +V output or +LS and, –Sense to –V output or -LS). Most power provides are shipped from the manufacturing unit with these “Native Sense” connections in place.
Seek advice from Determine 2.

Fig. 2: Energy Provide with Native Sense Jumpers Put in