Wide range adjustable power supplies

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SWS1000L Sequence

We had a buyer that needed a 1000-watt power provide to drive a medical centrifuge.  The one catch was that the velocity of the DC motor that drives the centrifuge needed to be assorted and so they had been going to do that through the use of a step down dc-dc converter to vary the voltage utilized to the motor from 12V to 60V.

We instructed TDK-Lambda’s SWS1000L-60 power provide, which has, as commonplace, a Programming Voltage (PV) Enter.  By making use of from 1 to 5.5 volts to this enter, the output of the power provide will be assorted from 12 to 66V.

The connections are quite simple, utilizing the PV enter and customary terminals on the front panel of the power provide (see diagram).

Alternatively, the Programming Voltage may have been derived from the SWS1000L’s 12V auxiliary output, which on this case could possibly be linked to an external potentiometer to supply the variable dc enter.

This easy answer saved the shopper each design money and time.  Extra details about the SWS1000L power supplies will be discovered at this net hyperlink http://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/ftp/specs/sws600_1000l.pdf

The PV perform can be out there as on option on TDK-Lambda’s HWS collection 300-600W fashions and is commonplace on the 1000-1500W fashions. Extra data will be discovered right here http://www.us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/ftp/specs/hws1500.pdf