Z+ - Generating Arbitrary Waveforms

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Arbitrary waveform turbines are used to check electrical and digital tools to make sure that the product operates correctly, or to pin level a specific fault.  These can be utilized both repetitively or as a as soon as solely (single-shot).  The waveforms might be triggered to run by an external occasion, a sign from one other piece of apparatus for instance, manually utilizing the front panel controls or through the use of the GUI interface.  An arbitrary waveform generator differs to that of a operate generator in that particular factors within the waveform might be programmed to create custom waveforms.

The Z+ sequence of programmable power provides permits the storage of as much as 4 arbitrary waveforms in internal non-risky memory cells to regulate the output voltage or present.  Profiles can comprise as much as 12 steps and be triggered to function utilizing the communication interfaces or by way of the front panel.  Further waveforms might be saved on a pc.

These arbitrary waveforms might be simply created through the use of the “Z+ Waveform Creator” application offered on the CD-ROM.

There are two programmable modes; LIST and WAVE. 

LIST permits a step operate to be entered and run.  The instance in Determine 1 units the output from 0V to 2V after an external set off. After a 0.5s delay the output is elevated to 4V and again all the way down to 2V 0.5s later.  After 1s the output is elevated to 8V for 1s earlier than decreasing to 5V. 1s later the output is ready to 4V the place it stays for one more 1s.

 Determine 1: Checklist instance

WAVE additionally permits gradual output voltage or present modifications.  In Determine 2 the output is once more set to 2V for 1s after an external set off.  This time it's step by step elevated to 4V over a 0.5s time interval. It stays at 4V for 0.5s earlier than being programmed to step by step enhance to 9V over 0.5s the place it stays for 0.5s, earlier than lowering to 3V over 1.5s interval, staying at 3V for 1s.

Determine 2: Waveform

The Graphical Consumer Interface (GUI), which will also be downloaded from the web site, accommodates a Waveform Profile Generator which can be utilized for extra complicated waveforms, together with sine, triangle and noticed tooth. See Determine 3.


Determine 3: Waveform Profile Generator
The arbitrary waveforms can be utilized for a wide range of purposes together with car battery beginning profiles to check automotive elements and assemblies.  See Determine 4.


Determine 4: Examples of arbitrary waveforms

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